In Canada, men die by suicide up to four times more often than women, but are half as likely to be diagnosed with depression. Many men stay silent because they fear being judged and stigmatized for not living up to ideals of strong and invulnerable manhood.

Man-Up Against Suicide is a research project aimed at breaking silences and stimulating conversation on the issue of men’s depression and suicide. We collected photos and narratives from 60 Canadian men and women who had been affected by a man’s suicide and put them on display in an exhibition that was shown across the country. Included also were photographs and stories of men who had previously thought about killing themselves. These exhibits had a powerful impact on those who viewed them, providing space and inspiration for people to share their own stories. stay is the collection of narratives and photographs from the Man-Up Against Suicide Project, while still here features content contributed by gay and bisexual men, who are 4 times more likely to attempt suicide than heterosexual men. Excerpts from both collections, as well as the first two parts of a three-part documentary, can be seen on the home page.

This project was made possible by generous support from the Movember Foundation, and is based at the University of British Columbia’s Men’s Health Research program. For more information on the project, contact mens.health@ubc.ca.

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