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Suicide is the seventh leading cause of death among men in Canada and Gay and bisexual men are four times more likely to attempt suicide than heterosexual men. Suicide is preventable, but homophobia and stigma surrounding mental illness prevent many gay and bisexual men from seeking help and support. More so, in Canada, we have no targeted prevention programs for this population.

Still Here is a project aimed at breaking the silence around suicide and stimulate a conversations on the issue of depression and suicide prevention in the gay and bisexual community. We collected photographs, narratives, and art from 30 Canadian gay and bisexual men who previously struggled with suicide or who have lost another community member to suicide. Through their pictures and words, these men are illuminating the many factors that cause gay and bisexual men to consider suicide, as well as they help de-stigmatize depression and suicide. These photographs and art pieces have been exhibited in Ottawa and Vancouver to provide space and inspiration for people to share their own stories and to spark a community conversation about suicide prevention. The exhibit has inspired hundreds of individuals to talk about suicide and lobby targeted prevention initiatives for gay and bisexual men.

We need your help to bring Still Here to as many communities across Canada as possible. Your donation is a stand against suicide. We must break the silence surrounding suicide among gay and bisexual men.